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Small Animal  

We have a number of experienced  veterinarians who can assist you with all of your companion animal requirements.

Basic Health Care

We at Redlands Veterinary Clinic understand that your pet is a much loved member of the family. For that reason, we are committed to providing you with latest in health care protocols and regimes. Cats and dogs require yearly vaccinations against diseases such as Parvovirus, Cat Flu, Distemper and Kennel Cough, and also require protection against parasites such as ticks, fleas, mites and heartworm. We can provide you with a variety of treatment protocols and strategies, which can be designed to suit your individual circumstances. Dental hygiene is also important for your animal, and we can provide you with a number of options to help keep your pet’s gums and teeth in great shape. Furthermore, as animals grow older, their needs will change, and our team can advise you on topics such as the management of arthritis and changes in nutritional requirements.

Nutrition Advice

We realise that each animal is different and therefore stock a variety of pet foods to suit the needs of individual animals. The staff at Redland’s Veterinary Clinic use and recommend Eukanuba Premium and Advance Pet Foods as a general diet, and also recommend the Hill’s Veterinary Science Diet range if your pet has particular dietary requirements. The staff at our clinic are more than happy to discuss your pet’s individual needs – we have a range of foods, including food to assist with overweight, sensitive or older pets.

General Diagnosis

We offer a full range of diagnostic services to small animals, including digital radiology, ultrasound, endoscopy, allergy testing and pathology. Our small animal hospital can house over 20 animals, and we can provide 24 hour intensive care for sick and critical animals.

We offer an extensive range of surgical services, including desexing for your dog or cat, dental services (cleaning and extractions), lump removals, dew claw removal, orthopaedic procedures including cruciate ligament repair, medial patella luxation correction and so on. Most surgical procedures require only ‘day stays’, but more complicated or complex cases (such as the repair of a ruptured cruciate ligament) may need to stay with us for monitoring or further treatment, and can certainly be accommodated in our small animal hospital. Some examples of surgery that is routinely performed here at Redlands Veterinary Clinic are:

  • Desexing of all animals including dogs, cats, horses, pigs, guinea pigs, rabbits and more
  • Dew Claw Removal (preventative and traumatic)
  • Dental procedures including routine cleans, minor and major extractions, radiographs
  • Lump removals
  • Orthopaedic procdures including cruciate ligament repair + patella luxation
  • Dog and cat fight abcess and wound repair, including emergency traumatic injuries
  • Foreign Body Removals (surgical + endoscopy facilities available)
  • Skin Biopsies
  • Ear canal  resections (The Zepps Procedure)
  • Aural Hematoma Repair
  • Anal gland flush, repair and removal
  • Exploratory Abdominal surgery
  • Spleen Removal
  • Pyometra Surgery
  • Cherry Eye Repair (Surgical Replacement Technique
  • Many more - please contact us if you would like information

ALL of our surgical procedures include the following as a minimum:

Admission appointment with veterinarian
Pre-anaesthetic health check
Pre operative sedation, pain relief and antibiotics
Intravenous catheter placement
Tailored general anaesthetic including intravenous fluid therapy
Intra and post operative injectable pain relief and antibiotics
Discharge appointment with veterinarian
Minimum of 2 return appointments at 2 and 10 days post operatively

These includsions are included in all provided estimates



Many dogs and cats benefit from a haircut, particularly in the hot and humid summer months. Our groomer, Kylie Ritter, has extensive experience grooming both companion and show animals, and offers a range of services to suit all breeds of dogs and cats. Grooming is available year round, and is particularly popular for small breeds or dogs/cats with thick coats not suited to the Queensland environment. All grooming appointments include a clip, hydro-bath, nail clip and blow-dry, and can be arranged by calling our clinic on 07-32077325. Simple hydro-baths or nail clips can also be performed by our nurses any day of the week. We offer a heated hydro-bath system, and use the highest quality hypo-allergenic shampoo and conditioner to ensure that your pet’s coat remains healthy.

Puppy Pre-School

Obedience training and socialisation are incredibly important for a new puppy. Our clinic offers an obedience school through renowned trainer, Dee Scott, of Positive Response Dog Training. Dee has extensive experience, and conducts group classes at a number of convenient times in our purpose built training area. It is important to realise that this training is not limited to puppies or young dogs – many older dogs also benefit from the classes, and Dee conducts separate sessions for both young and old animals. Private lessons are also available for aggressive or problematic dogs. For more information, please call our clinic, or visit the Positive Response Dog Training website at

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