Monday, July 22, 2019
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Clinic animals  

Jemima and Buster

The Redlands Clinic currently has two resident cats, which small animal clients will often see at reception.  Jemima is 4 years old, and is often seen lounging around on our front desk (many people will have seen the warning signs, whilst she loves being around people, she does not like to be touched! Dr Kat rescued her as a dumped newborn kitten, and she and Dr Gail hand raised her - explains a few things!!

Buster is a clinic rescue case – he was dumped at our practice some years ago and has since taken up residence in the clinic stables. You will see him mooching around the clinic, occasionally bothering to catch some mice!


Molly is Dr Gail Lovell’s dog, and is often used for demonstration and socializing in the puppy preschool classes.  Molly is a 3 year old beagle, who had her first litter of puppies last year. Molly has returned from maternity leave and can be seen participating in Dee's puppy classes as well as enjoying playing and walks around the clinic. Molly     Mollys Puppies


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