Monday, July 22, 2019
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Itchy Dog? We can help!

Medicated hydrobaths with Bayside Pet Care every Sunday

Steroid Free Itch Treatment

Holistic and Complete approach to your dog's itchy skin


Free Weight Checks
Book your pet in for a COMPLIMENTARY consultation with one of qualified staff members
and receive complimentary enrolment into our upcoming weightloss challenge

Behavioural Package $199, save $100
Full Physical Health Check
Wellness Blood Test
30 minute consultation with Veterinarian to discuss
Behaviour issues
1 x Tub PAWS Blackmore Multivitamin + Tryptophan Chewables



FREE Dental

Checks Available 7 Days


Puppy Proheart: First injection, $35!!

Proheart SR-12: Heartworm, the Silent Killer


Have you ever forgotten to give a heartworm dose?

You're not alone! On average, people are buying monthly heartworm preventatives give only 9 monthly doses every year. That means a lot of dogs are going unprotected for many months of the year.

Heartworm is a serious and life-threatening disease.Once A Year

If you're not giving 12 doses per year, then perhaps you should consider the once-a-year ProHeart injection - and forget monthly dosing forever.

ProHeart SR-12 injection uses sustained-release technology to protect your dog for a full 12 months.

ProHeart SR-12 has been proven safe and effective. The injection is quick, easy and costs no more than the prevention that you're using now.

You can arrange to have the injection done at the same time as your dog's annual health check and vaccination. Or you can make an appointment and have it done at any time (there's no consultation fee charged if you come in just for a ProHeart injection).

The ideal time to start your puppy on the Annual Heartworm Injection is at 6 months of age, in line with desexing.  Annual injections are then given in line with the annual vaccination, meaning just one trip to the vet (hopefully!) each year!




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